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  • Artist management: we work on behalf of our artists to promote their careers. We run their business affairs to secure the best jobs for the best fees, such as booking events, negotiating contracts, and more.

  • Artist development: signing an artist whose future is believed in, and are at the beginning of a potential creative career.


  • Artist development coaching: we take steps forward to develop your goals as an artist and start putting things into action.

  • Music production: the process of creating a recorded music project, managing every aspect.

  • Writing & recording of an original track

  • Mastering: fusing the songs in your album to maintain balance across the entire recording.

  • Mixing: the process of combining multi-track recording into a single track, blending with various processes.

  • Photo shoots: a session where a professional photographer takes pictures for publications.

  • Music videos: we work closely with the artist to create the vision they have in mind. We work with a close team of creatives to achieve a memorable music video.

  • Choreography: you will get a studio and will work closely with our choreographers to create a routine and stage presence, to bring your show to life.

  • Concept building: sitting with the artist and building ideas around the artists project, giving it styling and visuals so that others get to understand what vision you're creating. 

  • Styling consultancy: we offer professional advice on styles to suite your music and personality. 

Monthly bespoke workshops!

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